Global inspiring forum 2018

Date: 11/12/2018
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Encore Ramada (103 Stolychne Shosse)

Today the success of progressive business is defined by the skill to speed up and get to a new level of thinking.

Therefore, on November 12 at GLOBAL INSPIRING FORUM 2018 in Kyiv we propose you to make all the way FROM looking for inspiration and generating ideas TO transformation of these ideas into innovations and their implementation.

For this purpose we have invited the international speakers each of whom is an expert in his field and whose scale of thinking as well as huge experience inspires and impesses at the same time.

Today the world is changing at an unbelievable speed! Do speed up in order always to be one step further any circumstances: create your concept of your 4 Is: Inspiration, Idea, Innovation, Implementation at GLOBAL INSPIRING FORUM!

4 reasons to become the part of global:

I-Innovation: you will find out how globalization and digitalization will change the context of the future, and how to transform your business in order to leave your competitors behind you
I-Idea: you will get the concept of where to look for ideas and how to find new opportunities when one feels that this is impossible
I-Inspiration:  you will find out how to infect the whole team with your idea and how to achieve significant results, and why you need to be an inspiring leader
I-Implementation: you will discover new sources of power for achieving an excellent result and you will get the instruments for growing a personal star team of champions.

About the speakers:
Kevin Gaskell – the ех-СЕО of BMW, Porsche and Lamborgini will tell you about the inspirational leadership;
Fredrik Haren – the top speaker of annual leadership summit in Singapore with 70 000 participants offline and 400 000 participants online, the author of world-renown bestseller “The Idea Book” will share his experience on finding new creative ideas;
Johan Norberg  - the futurologist, documentary filmmaker and author of more than 20 bestsellers about globalization and economy will impress you with the talk about innovations and global opportunities;
Rasmus Ankersen – a world-renown business speaker of a new generation, the author of the bestseller “Hungry in Paradise” will share his experience on implementing new ideas into one’s business and how to implement a new experience into a team’s work.
Global inspiring forum is a source of your convincing results!
The organizer: KA Group – premium business events.